Tears water; Love grows!

Celebrate ALL the Austinites!
Friday/Saturday @7pm-10pm
Sunday 5-8pm

*parking pass provided for FREE!
** ASL interpreter part of the show

Part 1 | Zocalo Courtyard
Dinner with Free Lunch, hang out, make art, and Birthday dessert for Koko
Duration: 1hr

2 | Black Box Theater
Duration: 1hr

Part 3 | Zocalo Entrance
After party! Tac-Tile Haptic Dance Floor with DJ Schi the God and XYZ Atlas VR games
Duration: 1hr

Fisterra's project, The XYZ Atlas, asks where we feel a sense of belonging. Austin's downtown friend, affectionately known as "Denver," is an Mexican American Art Activist curating a three part party exploring our most vulnerable and resilient experiences. His transitory collaborators challenge stigmas and invite every guest to explore and express wholehearted stories of survival. Broken hearts grow art.
Be both mapmaker and traveler of your creative world, and remember, showing up is the show because we belong here.

"Not fragile like a flower, fragile like a bomb...
I paint flowers so they will not die."
-Frida Kahlo

**All tickets are free and by donation. 100% funds directly support unhoused artists supporting unhoused artists.