The XYZ Atlas is an interactive project that maps

our collective experiences and sense of belonging.


Create your own hedonic atlas

as both mapmaker and traveler!


X marks the spot! Where were you when...?

The science of where meets belonging.

"What if where I am is what I need?"

-Deborah Hay

"I am from . . .

I am running from . . .

I am running towards . . ."

-Alighta Averbukh

Why location and emotion?

Connect both and space becomes place.

Map the places that made you.

You belong here.

Our experiences drive our emotions.

Our emotions drive our behavior.

Our behaviors drive our health.


How are you - the whole of you?

How we feel reveals a need.

How do we navigate life with compassion and curiosity?





where do you feel

"You only are free when you realize
you belong no place —
you belong every place — no place at all.
The price is high. The reward is great...
More and more

I belong to myself."
-Maya Angelou




origin sTorY


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We began in 2013 with founder Jennifer Chenoweth and since then we have shared...



in person immersive and interactive events in Texas


stories archived in real-life


9 million

people reached online

Texas A&M

2016-17 College of Architecture's Office of Diversity funded by Mid America Arts Alliance & the National Endowment for the Arts


downTown Austin

2017 Project for Public Spaces and Southwest Airlines commissioned Heart of the Community Project, beta digital design, and informed Urban Design Initiative of Austin

Dell Medical

2017-2018 Partnered with Design Institute for Health and Dell Medical school to collaborate on digital platform at SXSW, Fusebox Festival, and presenting a TEDMED talk.


niantic & segd

2019 invited for the inaugural Augmenting Cities Conference presented by the Knight Foundation and Niantic, presented to the Society of Experiential Graphic Design, and featured VR installations at Theorist Fest.