BRILLO! Glow Gardens for Frida and Friends

Fisterra's project, The XYZ Atlas, asks where we feel a sense of belonging. Austin's downtown friend, affectionately known as "Denver," is an Mexican American Art Activist curating an immersive glow in the dark instillation exploring our most vulnerable and resilient experiences.

Inspired by Frida Kahlo's story, he and his transitory collaborators challenge stigmas and invite every guest to engage all their senses and explore wholeheartedly stories of survival.

Traverse shadowlands, nostalgic smells, taste glowing gardens,
listen to a plant symphony, and feel every feeling.

Grab a flashlight and choose your own adventure or change the story and tell your own!
Be both mapmaker and traveler. Remember, showing up is the show because we belong here.

¡ Viva la Vida!

Explore our "Aire Libre" fresh-air-art Installation celebrating ALL the Austinites!
Featured during MACCnifico! Fest March 17th | 4pm-9:30pm | ESB-MACC